how to lose weight at home

What you need to lose weight at home: a set of exercises

Who in our time would not want to have a beautiful and toned body? This task is now very popular. Full of various training techniques, a variety of different diets and ways to lose weight. It is possible that some of them may be hazardous to your health. For example, it is not recommended to use any diet pills or similar questionable remedies. Remember – miracle your weight will not evaporate anywhere, you need to work on yourself. Also, do not expect excessively fast results. If you are interested in how to lose weight quickly and without harm to yourself – we offer the best techniques. So, we present to your attention effective exercises for losing weight at home.

How is weight burned?

With constant workouts, weight is reduced due to the fact that the exercise loads from exercise create a calorie deficit. Fat and carbohydrates are burned at one time. If the workout takes place with low intensity, the calories per session consumes less than fat. Also, the rate of expenditure of calories is small, about 5 kcal per minute.


how to lose weight fast at home


Increasing the rate, you burn more carbohydrates, but the total number of fat burned, however, will be higher. From this it follows that a more intensive training program will provide more benefits. So if you have the opportunity – try to increase the intensity by increasing calorie consumption to 10 kcal per minute. You need to find your limit and determine the rate of exercise, try not to give the body an unbearable load. One kilogram of weight accounts for about 8 thousand kcal.

If you are a beginner, or you are still too much overweight, start exercising at a slow pace, that is, stretch the exercise time 2-3 times. Take your time, start small, if it is very difficult for you, you will definitely achieve what you want.

Rules for effective and proper weight loss

Complex training should always start with a warm-up and end with a hitch, do not forget about it. A warm-up will give your body warmth, allow you to do the exercises easier, and a hitch will soothe your body, slow down your heartbeat and return you to a calm state.

It is also worth mentioning the important thing: comprehensive classes will be a little later. In no case can one lose too many kilograms in a short time, in a week you can lose about 1 kg, and in a month – no more than 4 kg, otherwise the training program only hurts. There will be a strong stress for the body. Our classes do not provide for rapid weight loss, but with their help, you can lose weight without harming the body. You will learn the easiest and best ways to lose weight and understand which complex workouts are best for your body.

Necessary things for effective weight loss

If you really want to lose weight – you must be completely determined and confident. Get down to business seriously, don’t let anything stop you. First, tune in to the fact that you are changing your lifestyle. No matter how much you weigh, you can normalize your mass, there is no magic here. Be positive and self-confident, then a training and practice program will give you the desired result. So, you decided to lose weight, this will help you to our complex training.

Day regimen: life schedule formation

The most important conditions include this item. By the way, it is worth mentioning that the complex of workouts contains not only physical exercise and diet, but also psychological exercises: the way to gain self-confidence, achieve balance and harmony. Try to go to bed at the same time, sleep for 7–8 hours, eat the same way – at the same time 3 hours before bedtime. Also try not to eat too much or too little. Exclude from the diet of fatty calorie foods, try to eat more vegetables, fruits, do not drink carbonated water and avoid flour products. Try to lead a more active lifestyle, often walk, breathe fresh air, do not sit long in one place.

Where to start?

Let’s start workouts, give the load to the body to lose weight with their help. Do not worry, the training program is quite simple. You can practice both at home and on the street. The program provides training 3 times a week, with a break of 1 day.

Exercises should always begin with warming up the body. We spend it for five minutes, you can use a skipping rope or a hoop, and jogging on the spot with a high knee lift will also help.


how to lose weight fast


Warm up joints of the upper limbs. Then stretch the arms and shoulder joints. We rotate the shoulders in a circle, first in one direction, then in another, also with elbows and hands.

Warm up the muscles of the trunk and lower limbs. Then we perform circular movements and tilts of the upper body in different directions, knead the pelvis with rotations. This is followed by foot flashing and foot rotation with an emphasis on the toe. Now let’s go to the basic exercises for the body.

Exercise on the muscles of the hips and buttocks

In order to make legs slim or pump them up, you should do squats. To do this, we fold our hands behind the nape, and press our feet to the surface of the floor. Sit down on the inhale, keep your back straight and on the exhale return to the starting position. You can complicate the task by slowing down squats, such training will allow you to lose weight in the hips.

Exercise on the lower abdominal muscles. Another popular method, which includes a standard program, an exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles. To lose weight of the abdomen and pump up the abs, it is necessary to do exercises for the upper and lower muscles.

So, in order to train the lower part of the abdomen, we take a prone position, we are well rested with our hands on something reliable. Then we raise our legs on the exhale and lower on the inhale.

Exercise on the upper abdominals. To work on the upper area of the press, perform the reverse to the first exercise. Fasten the legs in a secure position and lift the body to the lying legs, hold the hands behind the nape. Lifting – on the exhale, return to the starting position – on the inhale.

We perform this simple complex in one go, without respite, as many times as you can. It is necessary to bring the implementation for 3 approaches, between which you should rest. Such a set of exercises for the press will help you quickly lose weight of the abdomen.


how to lose weight


Now tell you how to finish the workout. It is necessary to finish the program of occupations by a hitch to normalize heartbeat. This is done simply: we just wave our arms, bend the body, and after the run do not stop, walk a little more to gradually return to a normal pace. Also do not forget to regularly perform daily morning runs, it is also very useful for the body.

What can be concluded?

In fact, this complex – all that you need to lose weight. However, if you feel that the exercises are too simple for you, you can try to increase the number of approaches or add a few new exercises. This is not a very difficult exercise for weight loss at home. But still, be careful not to overstress your body.

This program is quick and effective, and most importantly healthy, losing weight ends. Believe in yourself and your strength, eat right and do not forget to do the exercises, and you will achieve the desired in the best way.