Leg Workout Routine

Leg Workout Routine – Muscle-Building Leg Training

The legs, this is the largest muscle group of our body, our base and base. If we imagine that our body is a tree, then the legs, its roots. If the roots are weak and frail, what will the tree be?

It is quite logical and reasonable to devote a lot of attention to this muscle group and devote a separate day to training the leg muscles.

The main basic powerful exercise for training the leg muscles is squats. It perfectly grows not only the mass of legs, but also the whole body, enhancing the production of testosterone. By right, barbell squats are considered the number one exercise in weight training. Beginners should begin with this exercise, and advanced athletes should use it in their training. Without squats, it’s impossible to pump up any decent legs.

The main mistake in this exercise is the pursuit of large weights, especially among inexperienced athletes.

Often you can observe such a picture: a person hung on a bar obviously too much weight. Did some squats, somehow straightened up. Did some half-squats that you can’t even call reps, then gruntly put the bar on the rack and sat down happily to rest, like he bulked his legs. This is bullshit, not squats. Nothing will grow from such performance of squats, except self-conceit of such athlete.

If you ask him to sit down normally, up to 90 degrees or lower with the same weight, you will have to lift him from the floor on which he will be, along with the barbell. Which he will surely drop. Such grief rolls do everything in half. They will have no result from such training.

It is necessary to choose such a weight for yourself that it would be possible to perform 6-8 good full repetitions. Only then, training the leg muscles will bring the desired result.

No need to chase athletes in the gym who squat correctly with large weights. First train as much as they train. For large weights in squats go more than one year. The technique, back strength, and leg strength are important here.

Performing squats, you need to bend your legs at least 90 degrees. You can squat even lower, but with low squats a big butt can grow. Therefore, low squats are often performed by girls. They pump their ass.

Squats is a basic exercise, to perform in one approach you need from 6 to 10 repetitions. For beginners, this exercise is enough to gain mass of the muscles of the legs, subject to a constant increase in load.

Leg Press Alternative – Front Squat

Leg Press Alternative

This is a kind of barbell squats. In this exercise, the front of the thigh (the quadriceps femoris) is heavily burdened.

This is felt very well the first time you perform a repetition. The bar is held on the chest and front deltas. If you have neither one nor the other, do not do this exercise until you are well pumped up. Holding the bar on your arms crossed, without the help of shoulders and chest oh how difficult. In addition, in this exercise, it is more difficult to maintain balance, and without training, you risk falling, causing the laughter of others or an ambulance.

Safely, this exercise can be performed in Smith’s machine, but again, for beginners, it is not necessary. First pump up your legs with basic squats, and then do whatever you want with this mass using other exercises.

Leg Workout In Leg Machines – Leg Press

This exercise is sometimes presented as a substitute for squats, but no. With the help of a leg press you cannot build up any decent weight of legs.

The option of replacing squats with a leg press is only suitable if you have problems with your back or joints. I studied in the same room with a man who, as a result of an accident, had one leg injured and it worked poorly. So he did the bench press with one healthy foot.

Strength is well trained in leg presses, as it is possible to use significant weights that you can never squat with. For comparison, 200 kg in a leg press is not a lot, and if you are an average level athlete, then you probably also press more. A little squat with 200 kg?

Get Bodybuilder Legs With Hack Squats

Another variety of squats associated with a complex technique of execution and an emphasis on quadriceps.

There is a special hack machine for squats. No need to reinvent the wheel. All training methods have been invented long time ago, and no need to rush about in search of a miracle program. High-level athletes use all the variety of exercises to comprehensively work out their huge muscles. If you are not a professional and do not have the dimensions of a champion, do not get fucked up trying all kinds of squats, hoping to find a magical exercise.

If you constantly work on yourself and exercise properly, pump up your leg muscles with regular squats.

Get Bodybuilder Legs With Hack Squats

Leg Extension In Leg Lift Machine

These exercises do not help to gain a lot muscles. Professionals use them to draw muscles and create a relief.

Do you pump triceps extensions on the block? No, this is the case with leg extensions in the machine. And biceps flexion with the barbell is just pumping up, so you can put more emphasis on flexion.

These two exercises are great for completing leg muscles after heavy squats. You can do each exercise individually, or you can do a superset. But do not forget that you then still have to go home after training.

By combining these exercises in one workout, you can build huge legs if you work hard.

Isolation Leg Muscle Workout

  • Barbell Squats – 2 warm-up sets, then 3-4 sets of 6-8 repetitions for ectomorphs, 10-12 for mesomorphs, 10-15 for endomorphs
  • Leg press 4 sets of 8-10 repetitions for ectomorphs, 10-12 for mesomorphs, 12-15 for endomorphs
  • Leg extension in the machine 4 sets of 8-15 repetitions
  • Leg curls in the machine 4 sets of 8-15 repetitions

Bodybuilding Leg Workout On The Same Day With Another Muscle Group

  • Squats with a barbell 3-4 sets of 6-15 reps (depending on body type.)
  • Leg press


  • Squats with a barbell (sets and repetitions are the same)
  • Bending the legs in the machine
  • Leg extension in the machine

It seems to be all about training leg muscles. Oh no. Forgot to mention shins …

Well, what can I tell you about the calf muscles, my friends? If you are not going to the competition, my advice to you is to score.

The drumstick is very difficult to pump. Just imagine, it works constantly throughout the day, while you are on your feet. It is difficult to load it even more. Lower leg workout requires a huge number of sets and repetitions.

The only exercise for the calf muscles is calf raises with weight or in the machine.

But if you are not a professional bodybuilder, you don’t need it. The size of your biceps is much more important, and the size of the lower leg is of no interest to anyone.