pump up a woman's breasts with exercises

How to pump up a woman’s breasts with exercises


Exercises for the female breast: an increase and a tightening

Hello to all readers of this site. Recently I received a letter from a girl who asked me to add more materials for girls. No sooner said than done.

This article will probably be devoted to the most burning issue that interests all girls. Namely, I will try to answer the question: “How to pump up a woman’s breast with the help of exercises?”. The second question that I will touch upon is: “What exercises can be used to increase the female breast?”

Exercises to increase the female breast

In fact, the topic of training a woman’s breast worries not only girls, but men, both attending the gym, and, to put it mildly, not particularly training. How to pump up a woman’s breast, probably, it will be even more interesting than the topic of training priests girls, which is also very, very relevant and in demand. But today’s article will be devoted exclusively to questions about exercises for the muscles of the female breast.

exercises for the female breast


So. Let’s start with the fact that it is possible to pump up a woman’s breast around this issue, there are not a few myths accumulated that need to be urgently dispelled and finally tell what results can be achieved, what methods are most suitable for this, and what exercises for increasing the female breast. And whether there are any at all.

I will also comment on it and try to describe its feasibility and I will say whether it is possible to pump up a woman’s breast.

First, let’s talk about myths. In fact, the myth is in fact only one, but it is very global.

At once I will say that with the help of the gym, where the training takes place with weights, or at home with the help of a miracle of exercises, it is not possible to increase the size of the female breast!

That is, do not believe people who claim that with the help of training you can increase your chest. Anything similar, sports exercises do not promote an increase in the size of a breast. Since this is not possible. And that’s why.

First, let’s look at the structure of the female breast to better understand what we are dealing with in general.

From the picture shows that the chest, in fact, it’s fat. Accordingly, the more fat – the more breasts. The less fat – the smaller the breast. Yes, if someone says the pier you can be fat and without a breast or vice versa, there are thin girls with huge breasts. I agree. The presence of a large amount of fat in the body does not guarantee the presence of a large breast.


exercises for the muscles of the female breast


But, if you have decent size breasts and a normal female figure, that is, you are not skinny. And begin to engage in sports, then the breast will become one hundred percent less. Depending on the physiological characteristics of each individual girl, the degree of breast reduction with weight loss, and an increase in weight gain will be different. But the algorithm will be just this:

  • The amount of fat in the body increases – the breast grows;
  • Reduces the amount of fat in the body – the breast decreases.

Accordingly, with an increase in energy costs during sports, the percentage of body fat will decrease and the breast will become smaller. But in the hall, you still need to walk and do not be afraid that the chest will decrease.

Each girl should know about herself the following features:

  • Whether the breast decreases with weight loss because this is a purely individual feature
  • Whether the breast increases with increasing weight, we are talking about the fatty layer, it is also the percentage of fat in the body because it is also a purely personal feature.

And now common things, that is, the same for all girls:

  1. The breast necessarily tends to sag, whatever size it is.
  2. Beauty and tightness of the breast depending on:
  3. a) Elasticity and elasticity of the skin
    b) Elasticity and strength of muscles, on which, in fact, the breast is held.

Of course, there are a lot of personal characteristics and characteristics that affect the size and quality of the breasts. But we are now talking about the dependence of the size and appearance of the breast on sports exercises and sports in general, that is, what effect do exercises on the increase in the female breast have.

In the end, what we get is: with the help of training it is not possible to increase the size of the female breast, but you can change its appearance and keep it in good condition for a longer time if you can put it that way.

And even the girls who are engaged in body-fitness, and this is not huge husbands like girls and beauties with a tightened body. And even girls who are engaged in fitness bikinis, and this is where the girls even the press should not be visible, that is, the cubes should not be allocated at the competitions. Do not try to pump up your chest in the gym. And immediately they turn to plastic surgeons to enlarge their breasts and look more spectacular. How to pump up a woman’s breasts they know perfectly. But not with the help of exercises

I’m not agitating for the silicone right now. Not at all. I’m just trying to prove that with the help of training it is not possible to increase the size of the female breast, but you can pull it up and make it more beautiful. And those who still want to put themselves implants, I also advise to go in for sports and go to the gym. It is advised to do also good plastic surgeons. After inflated pectoral muscle will be better to keep the silicone.

pump pectoral muscles to a girl at home


  • Firstly, the girl herself says that this exercise helps to lift the chest.
  • Secondly, it uses a wide grip to maximize the work of the muscles of the breast.
  • Thirdly, those who still want to do this exercise, but you do not have enough strength for the amount recommended by the girl with a view, then: you can do less, the main thing is to do and increase the number of repetitions over time.

Well, that’s probably all on the topic of breast augmentation with the help of training. If the exercises for the female breast are still of interest to you, you can read the article push-ups on uneven bars for girls, it also works well on the muscles of the chest.