How harmful are digestible carbohydrates to our body?

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Easily assimilated carbohydrates are organic substances that act as a source of energy for a full-time life activityand our body. Certainly, carbohydrates are an important element, the reserves of which must necessarily be filled. But how to distinguish this type of carbohydrates from all food products?

The role of carbohydrates in nutrition, products containing this type of carbohydrates and a diet with a limited number of them – we will talk about all this today. Let’s get started.



What are these organic substances?

As everyone knows, carbohydrates are divided into two groups: fast (in our case easily digestible) and slow. Each of them differs in structure, nutritional value and rate of assimilation by the body. Each food product, be it a potato or a piece of meat, consists of all kinds of substances that are very necessary for the human body to ensure normal life activityand all organs and systems. Carbohydrates are the most important nutrient that is found in sugar and various plant foods.

As already mentioned, these substances provide our body with the necessary energy. For each person there is a norm of carbohydrates, which depends on the activity of a person and the consumption of energy reserves. Those carbohydrates that have not been consumed throughout the day are converted into fat cells, disrupting the internal organs and increasing the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood.


carbohydrates in nutrition


The main types of easily digestible carbohydrates:

  1. Glucose (dextrose)– the most widespread and all known representative of carbohydrates, participating, practically, in all metabolic processes. Thanks to glucose our body is provided with the necessary energy. In order for dextrose to enter the body from blood cells, insulin is needed – a substance that in certain quantities is produced by our body. Deficiency of this organic substance can cause irritabilityь, increased fatigue, reduced performanceand, dizziness, nausea, and sometimes fainting. Glucose can be obtained from fruits and certain types of vegetables.
  2. Fructose – partially converted by the liver into glucose. You can meet her in cherries, melon, apples, currants, and also various kinds of honey.
  3. Galactose – when interacting with glucose, it forms a disaccharide. You can get galactose from fermented milk products, such as milk, cheeses, cottage cheese, kefir and others.
  4. Lactose – a unique carbohydrate of its own, having an animal origin, which makes this milk sugar an incredibly valuable component of everyone’s diet. You can get lactose from milk.
  5. Sucrose – is found in various types of sugar: beet, cane and brown sometimes this substance can be found in ripe fruits and vegetables, but its amount will not be large (less than 10%).
  6. Maltose – sugar, of natural origin, formed in the process of malt formation and fermentation of grapes. This organic compound is found in beer products, muesli and citrus fruits.

Precautionary measures

Easily assimilated carbohydrates are almost of no value to our body, and even to some extent dangerous.

Excessive consumption of carbohydrates contained in foods can adversely affect the health status сalf muscles:

  1. Hormonal failures.
    Harmfully affects the work of the pancreas and adrenal glands. Foods containing fast carbohydrates, provoke an energy jump, followed by fatigue and wear of the endocrine system.
  2. Change in intestinal microflora.
    Each person in the digestive system maintains a balance between beneficial microorganisms and fungal. When the second begin to suppress the first, it can lead to a decrease in immunity and the occurrence of fungal diseases.
  3. Empty calories.
    These organic substances almost do not make up the reserves of useful elements in the body and contain a huge amount of empty calories that are transformed into fat cells.
  4. Races of insulin.
    Due to the fact that this type of carbohydrates consists mainly of various sugars, this leads to an instant release of such a hormone as insulin. The surplus of this substance helps to slow down the process of fission of fats, moreover, it “helps” them to form. This hormone causes in the human body such a feeling, a bit like euphoria, but after a few hours it passes and there comes an insulin starvation – the body begins to “ask” to replenish stocks with foods that contain fast carbohydrates.

List of products that include fast carbohydrates

Some foods that are present daily in our diet contain easily digestible carbohydrates and are dangerous to health. The glycemic index (GI) of such products exceeds the level of 60 units, and their number is so large that it is very difficult to manage the restriction here.


fast carbohydrates


For those who do not know, the glycemic index is a speed of digestion of carbohydrates by our body in its own way.

The table below will help you quickly determine which foods are among those that pose a threat to the human body. Qualifiede nutritionists strongly recommend to minimize such food.

List of products GI List of products GI
Beer 115 Wheat flour, past qualitative cleaning 85
Dates 103 Puree from potatoes 83
Bread for toasts 102 Cracker 80
Swede 99 Muesli with nuts and raisins 78
Bakery products from dough 95 Donut with sugar powder or glaze 76
Potatoes in baked form 95 Pumpkin pulp in boiled, baked form 75
Potatoes in fried form 95 Watermelon 75
Potato casserole 95 French baguette 75
Noodles cooked from rice 95 Casserole with noodles and minced meat 75
Potato starch 95 Butterflies 75
Apricot jam 91 Caviar cooked from courgettes 75
Wheat bread 90 Wheat Groats 71
Long grain rice 90 Chocolate bars without filler 70
Rough-grain rice 90 Milk chocolate 70
Potatoes of fast preparation 90 Carbonated water with flavors and food additives 70
All varieties of honey (floral, lime, buckwheat, etc.) 90 Croissants 70
Carrots in boiled form 85 Pasta made from soft wheat varieties 70
Buns for hamburgers 85 Pearl barley 70
Cornflakes 85 Chips from potatoes 70
Popcorn (popcorn) without any additives 85 Vegetable pilaf 70
Milk rice porridge 85 White sugar 70
Cookies made from rice flour 85 Groats couscous 70
Turnip 85 Semolina 70
Instant rice 83 Biscuit without adding any stuffing 70
Celery root 83 Amaranth air 70

The above products contribute to an accelerated influx of energy, but at the same time I will increase the amount of adipose tissue.

Limit fast carbohydrates with diet

The diet, which is aimed at limiting easily digestible carbohydrates, helps to restore and maintain the full operation of all human systems and organs. In addition, this diet helps to get rid of excess weight. This nutrition system stimulates the body to produce energy derived from amino acids and a low degree of fat oxidation. Reduction of fast carbohydrates helps to bring your forms in full order in a fairly short period of time.

Basic principles of the diet:

  • The diet is based on eating foods that are rich in proteins and fats. For example, chicken eggs, meat products (meat, homemade chops, meatballs, etc.), fish products, nuts, seeds, fermented milk products and whole milk.
  • In order to support the production of insulin in the normal regime, daily it is necessary to consume carbohydrates, the amount of which is approximately one gram per kilogram of body weight.
  • We minimize all foods that are rich in easily assimilated carbohydrates. In this you will help the table above, in which you can find the ratio of food and their GI.
  • Food should be divided into 5-7 receptions, so that the break between them was no more than 4 hours, as this can provoke protein deficiency, which is not very good for the process of losing weight.
  • We eat in small portions, so that you have such a feeling, as if you did not eat a little.
  • Diet, as a rule, should be based on boiled, steam and baked food. Therefore, it is better to refuse fried, smoked, marinated food. Vegetables should be eaten raw, whereas meat (low-fat varieties) and fish should be cooked for a couple or bake.
  • Physical activity is very important. So choose the sport that is closer to you and do it for health. Ideally, there should be at least three workouts per week, lengthywhich is from half an hour to an hour.

After a month of such nutrition, you can normalize all metabolic processes in the body, as well as get rid of pesky kilograms on the body. In addition, this dietary nutrition system will help to establish the production of insulin.

Take care of yourself and be well!

The information published on this website is a reference. Before using it in practice, always consult a doctor.