Bodyweight Workout

Bodyweight Workout – How To Train Using Bodyweight

Not every person has time to go to the gym. But at home not everyone can do it either. High-quality sports equipment is quite expensive, so some begin to train using their own weight. Such exercises are no less effective, you can do them almost anywhere.

How To Train Using Bodyweight

Push Exercises – Push-Ups

Regular push-ups are performed with the body straight upside down. Many variations are used here, affecting particular muscle groups. For example, with a wide position of the hands, the pectoral muscles are involved. With a close hands position, triceps work. To complicate the task, you can put your feet on a hill.


Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises – Back Push-Ups

To do back push-ups, you need some kind of chair. You need to turn your back to it, and put your hands on the seat. The farther the legs are located, the more difficult it is to complete the exercise. The triceps of the hands are involved here.

Back Push-Ups

Bodyweight Leg Exercises – Squats

The most common leg workout is squats. Performing them is not so difficult, but after several repetitions the effect becomes noticeable. A more complicated way is to squat on one leg. Many do not know how to do this, but mainly because of the incorrect technique.

leg workout is squats

Bodyweight Leg Workout – Calf Raises

This exercise pumps your calves. To keep your balance, you can lean your arms slightly against the wall. As in the case of squats, you can increase the load if you climb on one leg.

Calf Raises

Bodyweight Back Exercises – Hyperextension

Despite such a terrible name, the exercise is quite simple to do. You need to lie on your stomach, arms and legs outstretched. Then they need to be raised at the same time so that only the stomach is in contact with the floor. This position is held for 2-3 seconds, then arms and legs are lowered. There is another way. You need to lie on your stomach on a bench so that the upper body is outside. Then they begin to raise and lower the body, it will only be necessary to fix the legs. Hyperextension trains back muscles.


Floor Exercise – Abs Crunch

To pump abdominal muscles, several methods are used. You can lie on your back, bend your knees, and then raise and lower the upper body. Do it directly or with an inclination to the sides, depending on which muscles you need to pump. You can straighten your legs to lift them.

Training with your own weight is good because the body receives a natural load. This is much safer than exercises with a barbell, dumbbells and other sports equipment.

Floor Exercise