Bodyflex Or Oxycise

Bodyflex Or Oxycise: How To Choose The Best Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are abdominal breathing techniques combined with exercise. The most popular of these are body flex and oxycise. Such breathing techniques contribute to the supply of oxygen to the body, therefore, improving metabolism, which helps in the fight against excess weight. What is the difference between body flex and oxycise? Both techniques allow you to achieve the desired result, but each of them has its own requirements.

Bodiflex – breathing to lose weight

For women who have not previously played sports or suffered injuries, body flex is suitable. The 20-minute complex was invented by the American housewife Greer Childers, who was overweight. These breathing exercises help to restore abdominal muscles and help get rid of body fat. Systematic training will lead to a quick positive result (minus 5-10 cm per week). The only drawback is the requirement to perform breathing exercises on an empty stomach. Therefore, the exercises must be performed in the morning, when, most often, there is not enough time, or in the evening, when it is necessary to engage in cooking for the whole family.

Oxicise – deep breathing for weight loss

The author of the methodology is Jill Johnson, a teacher from America. Being complete since childhood, she for a long time developing the scheme of diaphragmatic breathing in combination with simple exercises. Muscles are involved in oxycise classes, therefore, active fat burning occurs due to them, since fat is fuel. This breathing technique is suitable for people with experience in sports. It is worth noting that most breathing exercises require some sounds when inhaling and exhaling. Oxycise is suitable for mothers of newborns, as it belongs to the “quiet” breathing techniques. Doing exercises is recommended 2 hours after a meal. One of the main drawbacks is the complexity of the technique of performing the exercises, therefore it is recommended to read the author’s book or training videos.

Body flex vs oxycise: What is more effective?

If we talk about greater efficiency, then we can say with confidence that both breathing exercises are equally effective. Their significant difference lies in breathing techniques and principles. In addition, they have contraindications, so choose breathing exercises that are right for you and a positive result will not take long.